Ellington Field Feb 23, 2013

Feb 23, 2013 was a fantastic day to be spotting at Ellington.  In all, seven Super Hornets and two Prowlers graced the ramp.  The two Prowlers were from VMAQ-1 Banshees and the super hornets were from VFA-2 Bounty Hunters, VFA-86 Sidewinders and VFA-211 Checkmates.  I never did get to see the Prowlers depart but I did catch the Bounty Hunters and Sidewinders leave.  And while waiting for them to depart the VFA-211 landed.  As it turned out that checkmate bird took part in the end of an era as it was assigned to the USS Enterprise for her very last cruise as she is being retired.  The tail of the jet had a small marking “Big E – Last Ride”.  Just wish I had a better picture of it to include the marking.  What was also special about this visit was seeing two CAG birds on the ramp together.   It was a visit I won’t soon forget.


Ellington 2-23-2013

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