Ellington Field Golden Hour

February 7,2020

Location: Ellington Field (KEFD), Houston, TX

Ellington has been known to get its fair share of military transients.  However, the last several months it has been fairly “dry”. When we got word that quite a bit of traffic was due-in we could not resist the temptation to go over and photograph it.  The first to arrive was alone FA-18E from VFA-113, Stingers. Shortly after it was parked and fueled T-38C’s in waves of 2-3 came in for a total of 15.  Unfortunately we were only able to capture about half of them as the sun had gone down (bummer) by then.  After leaving we later learned 8 TH-57 helicopters from Whiting Field, FL came in and several T-6A from various Air Force bases.

All-in-all it was a fun shoot. Nice to see so many military transients on the field. It reminded us of the “glory days” when so many different airframes would line the ramp.

FA-18E BuNo 169113 is assigned to VFA-113 Stingers, NAS Lemoore, CA. Part of CVW-2, USS Carl Vinson.

T-38C are assigned to the 71 FTW (Flying Training Wing), 25 FTS (Flying Training Squadron) Shooters, Vance AFB, Oklahoma.

Article and Photos by Bill Havel