Ellington Field , Houston TX



















Ellington tower frequency is 126.050


A:  Just East of the Sam Houston Tollway (Beltway 8) on Genoa Red Bluff Road sits a church on the north side of the street.  This is a good spot to catch incoming aircraft that are using RWY 17R.  For morning shots use the field just east of the church parking lot.


B:  Use the field just west of the church for afternoon arrivals.


C:  Just south of RWY 35L / 17R is a dirt service road that you can turn on to from Old Galveston Road (Hwy 3).  As you turn onto it you’ll cross over some rail road tracks.  This is a great place to catch outbound morning traffic using 17R or inbound morning traffic using 35L.


D:  This is a great place to catch inbound afternoon traffic using 35L.  It’s a small industrial park that houses a FedEx and an air conditioning supply company, among others.  I’ve parked there many times to shoot without any problems.  Just keep your eyes peeled on the tree line to the south.  Some military traffic will fly a straight in approach and they can catch you off-guard.


E:  You can drive onto Ellinton Field using Dixie Farm Road / Challenger Blvd or Brantley off of Old Galveston road.  Once you do you’ll see the flightline to the east.  If you find a spot along the fence to park, use common sense and courtesy as the FOBs are private property.  Just don’t assume it is okay to be there.  I suggest you ask before just pulling up and start taking pics.

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