Ellington Field Lately

Hello all, here’s some recent shots from Ellington. Unfortunately it has been kind of slow, but the few that have come in are well worth it. VX-9 brought both of their special jets in with the low-biz bat. Lucky for me it was during gloomy weather, which in my opinion is great for shooting these birds. Matches the whole theme of them. VFC-13 brought one of their nice F-5s. I like the scheme of this one as it isn’t the usual wraparound. VAQ-129 did it’s usual duty with bringing some jets through for training. I got a couple pics of them departing just before sunset. Then Wright-Patt brought in a C-17 to get some gas. Lastly VMFAT-101 brought in the Medal of Honor F-18B, which is an awesome aircraft. It has the names of four Medal of Honor Recipients just under the canopy, two U.S. Sailors and two U.S. Marines. Also next to the intakes on both sides, it has the citations of their heroic efforts. Great memorial and great aircraft. Enjoy, Zach


7 thoughts on “Ellington Field Lately”

  1. Very good catch on the Vampires VX-9 again.the grey sure looks good Zach.. U gonna do this kit? Furball and FIghtertown coming out with the decals. LOve the VFC-13 F5 U got,,, I was in Fallon and did not catch any brown colored F5… all of them are the white,grey, blue and a tiger striped….. l very kool night shots.. good catch

  2. Very nice shots bud! Wish the vampires would come down here a little bit. Got a question for you. What were the settings on the last shot you posted of the F18 night take off with the afterburner? Thats a killer shot.

    1. Hey Bryan, I shot it at 1/100s, F/5.0, and ISO 640. The quality isn’t very good because of the noise, but I still like it. I also had to do some adjustments in Lightroom to bring the jet out with it being a little dark. Also it was shot in RAW.