Ellington Field … TX 3-11-2016

T-38 in Ellington Field

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EF 3-11-2016 (8)

Hungry for some jet noise I decided to swing by KEFD before going home to see if anything of interest was on the ramp. I didn’t have much time so all I could do was hope I’d catch something before I had to leave. A few minutes after I arrived I heard radio chatter about some aircraft (couldn’t tell what type) that were at Flight Level (FL) 1600 inbound which I know is the military corridor around Ellington. Just a short time later a pair of T-38s broke in the over-head. It wasn’t until they landed that I saw which unit. To my great surprise they were from the 2 FTS (Fighter Training Squadron) American Beagles, stationed at Tyndall AFB, Florida. The 2 FTS stood up in 2014 to conduct adversary training for F-22 pilots as a cheaper alternative to using front line fighters.

Pictures and Article from Bill Havel