Ellington Field TX Spotting 4-17-2014

I received some intel from a friend that a EC-130H was supposed to stop by for a gas-n-go early in the afternoon.  At the time, it was storming outside so I was cautiously optimistic that the weather would break.  When it turns bad you just never know if anything will show for obvious reasons.  Late morning the storms had passed through and the sky was beginning to brighten up………….and so were my spirits.  I made the drive over, first going up to the fence line looking up and down to see if it had arrived or if any other military transients were there.  Nothing.  Seeing that the civil air traffic was using RWY 17 (and listening to the scanner) I left the base and headed north to spot on Genoa Red Bluff or Farley Road.  Upon getting there I chose Farley because of the sun position.  After being there for about 15 minutes or so I saw a large aircraft in the distance on finals.  As it got closer I could see it was a 737.  I learned later that it is a prisoner transport that the US Marshalls use.  Shortly thereafter I heard the tower talking to some civil pilots in the pattern advising them there was a C-130 about 10 miles out.  Within a couple of minutes I saw her lined up for a straight in approach.  I then heard the tower say he was cleared for the option.  I knew that meant he could do touch and goes if he wanted.  And that is exactly what he did…….several of them.  This was great because it afforded me the opportunity to position myself in a few different places to try and get different angles.  Between some of these I caught a T-34C Mentor and AH-64D that were inbound.  I just wished the Apache had been closer.  Once the Herk touched down I drove back to the base to get a couple of static shots.  As I drove over to where it was parked I noticed the Collings Foundation had their T-33A parked in front of its hangar, so I stopped for a shot of that having never seen it before.  If you look just above mid fuselage inside the open door you can see the tail code of their F-4C. 


All-in-all it was a good spotting day having seen multiple airframes.  Lately I’ve been fairly lucky in seeing some transient aircraft and hope the streak continues.


ellington 4-17-14


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