Ellington Pics

Here’s some recent shots from Ellington. First a couple VAQ-129 shots. He decided to do a little wave on the way out which was nice. VFC-111 brought their centennial jet also for the weekend. VX-9 brought their awesome new painted jet and luckily it stormed which made for a perfect setting for shots. The NASA ER-2 and DC-8 have been around for a while doing their weather research. It’s been a nice change seeing those birds fly so much. Lastly the Kestrels brought their color jet. Talk about some old jets, as they were beat up bad. Enjoy

Growler VAQ-129 '515'-3 Growler VAQ-129 '515'F-5E Centennial F-18E VX-9 '111' reflection NASA 809 ER-2-2 NASA 809 ER-2 NASA 817 DC-8 F-18E VFA-137 CAG-1

6 thoughts on “Ellington Pics”

    1. Zach – fantastic photo of Vandy 111. We have had a tremendous response from the public and military over the new paint job. We would like to use your photo for official squadron events, and I want to make sure you are okay with that. I can be contacted at scott.j.fisher3@navy.mil. Thank you for your time, and keep taking those awesome snaps!

      CAPT Scott Fisher, U.S.N.
      Commanding Officer VX-9