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122nd Fighter Squadron Louisiana ANG unit assigned to 159th Operation Group base in JRB Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base New Orleans, Louisiana. They use to fly the mighty spooks F-4 Phantom before switching to the current F-15C. They bare the name of “Coonass Militia” but was deem politically incorrect and was change to “Cajun Militia” in 1992 and now ” Bayou Militia” .

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Airwingspotter was privilege to  meet 122nd FS twice this year when they participated in Red Flag 15-3 and NAS Ft worth JRB in October 26th.

During Red Flag 15-3, 122nd FS participated Red Flag as “red air” simulating the “bad guys” . With the deactivation of the 65th Aggressors that flies the F-15C, our “Aggressor” units was caught with shortage of heavy fighters simulating the SU27, SU30 class of aircraft. These are the aircraft that was caught in Nellis AFB during that time.

F-15C JZ 122FS 81-0022
F-15C JZ 122FS 82-0010
F-15C JZ 122FS 82-0017
F-15C JZ 122FS 83-0036
F-15C JZ 122FS 83-0041
F-15C JZ 122FS 83-0048
F-15C JZ 122FS 84-0022

The F-15C always did a spectacular take off and this is no exception when we see them in Red Flag. Here are some of the actions we caught during the July hot months in the Nevada desert.

Here is a video of the F-15C from 122nd FS doing the Afterburner take off….. The only way to experience the F-15C is by sight and sound… ENJOY!

3x F-15C from 122nd FS visited NAS JRB on 26th Oct 2015 and we get to see them in actions again with those spectacular take offs. They came in with Callsign ” Jazz” fits the JZ tails of the F-15C.

Aircrafts we saw were :

F-15C JZ 122FS 81-036

F-15C JZ 122FS 78-510

F-15C JZ 122FS 78-509

BONUS:  JZ F-15C from 122nd FS,  in Ellington Field , KEFD

Some of the Pictures … Including the Boss Bird , voodoo aircraft and triple MIG killer

Full report can be read here below:

Bayou Militia in KEFD


Article by Dave Chng

Pictures by Dave Chng and Bill Havel


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