F-16D crash in AZ


There is a report that an F-16D crash in AZ during training.

Please click on this link for the accident’s full report below:


The crash of the F-16 occurred near Douglas close to the border between Arizona and New Mexico. The jet was the inaugural F-16D block 52 #1601 (RB-01) for the Iraq Air Force which first took flight on May 2nd, 2014.

Iraq’s fledgling F-16 pilot corps continues to train with the 162nd Fight Wing, located at Tucson International Airport, Arizona. At first they only used U.S. F-16s, but as Iraq’s F-16s have come off the Fort Worth production line, they have been delivered to the 162nd for continuing Iraqi pilot training as their pilots are not prepared to fly them into combat from Iraqi bases.

I happen to catch the Iraqi F-16D IQ on delivery from NAS Ft worth to AZ in Dec 2014

All prayers to the pilots and families.