F-35A Lightning II test flight 29th May 2018

Lockheed Martin is pumping out these brand new F-35A Lightning II from the Ft worth plant ( KNFW ) or as we known as the NAS Ft Worth Joint Reserve Base ( JRB). This extremely hot and humid day we fight the Texas Summer Heat to photograph the maiden flight of this Norwegian F-35A AM-14 call sign Lightning 2-1. She was accompanied by another F-35A as chaser in USAF Hill AFB markings. The Chaser aircraft came back and did at least 1 low key option and 1 high key, 2 touch and goes which tears up runway 18 in the base.  On the Afternoon we also get to catch Republic of Korea F-35A AW-3 out testing followed by a single March AFB C-17 and an E-3 AWACS sentry coming in for an approach training.

Norwegian F-35A AM-14

Hill AFB F-35A Chaser

Korean AF AW3

Heavies visiting KNFW

Article and photographs by Dave Chng