F-35B Nov 2016 Spotting in Texas!

We are all blessed in November 2016 to get so much F-35 activities in NAS Ft worth JRB. We caught 2 sorties of F-35B on 11-26-2016.

1st sortie came from a delivery flight for the USMC in MCAS Yuma.  This F-35B belongs to the VMFA-121 Green Knights. She came off from the Lockheed Martin hanger wearing the USMC Standard Grey markings with VMFA-121 on the plane. No additional markings were spotted except for the BU# 169294 and 08 on the nose section. The call sign for this flight was Combat 7-1

The 2nd sortie was BK-08 for the Royal Navy/Air Force aircraft serial number ZM-142.  The SIngle F-35B and Lockheed Martin chaser F-16D did this test flight. BK-08 did a SVTOL take off with the chaser leaving to the north. Unfortunately I did not get to catch them on the way back which I presume they would have done quite a bit of Vertical testing like they did on the previous day.

Article and Pictures by

Dave Chng