Fall 2021 Aviation Spotting in North Texas

Summer is over just like that for 2021. Here we got some interesting aircraft subjects here in NAS Ft worth JRB ( KNFW) and Ft Worth Alliance Airport ( KAFW) in the late summer and Fall period of 2021.

On this beautiful August day we got some interesting subjects including the KC-135 from Vermont. Also some F-35B out testing with a RIver Rattler VFA-204 Navy Adversary squadrons spotting the digital camouflage pattern of the RUssian Sukhoi SU-57.

US Marines Aviation group in MCAS Mirama , CA . in VMFT-101 Sharpshooter came into NAS Ft worth for some local training. These legacy Hornet’s days are number….. with USMC going slowly to the F-35 platform.

More Adversary this day we catch the VFA-204 RIver 11 flight of 4 in KAFW.

The end of Hurricane Season for texas area and Hurricane Ida is the last that affected some of the airbases in the gulf area.. Here we got some JZ F-15C from 159th FW and our local traffic in NAS Ft worth

Article by Dave Chng