Feb 2019 Aviation Report

Spring bloom here in DFW area and this is our Early Spring Aviation report. Lets start with some Navy C-2 Greyhound catches in NAS Ft worth JRB ( JOint Reserve Base) 2-7 got some E-2C and C-2 in base for gas and go and we have a good North wind that day and all these Last of the Navy’s Grumman aircraft hot refuel on the taxiway and took off from midfield.

C-2 from NAS Norfolk taking off runway 36 midfield KNFW

We catch lots of our local units including VMFA-112 ( Cowboys), 301st FW “Spads” and our local C130 Air Guard and Rangers. Here are some of the local catches for Feb.

Of course we cannot forget about Lockheed Martin which is cranking out those F-35….. Here we have the USAF Eglin, Hill, Luke, Weapon school F-35A and some foreign F35 like the Norwegian, Royal Australian and “Turkish Airforce ” jets on test.

Feb marks a great weekend of 2/24 when we got into a Hornet’s nest at KAFW ( Ft Worth Alliance Airport). Marine F/A-18 squadron VMFA-323 Death Rattlers came into KAFW in force including their Color commander bird.

KAFW is always pack with Air Force and Navy’s trainers. This faithful weekend is no exception. We got T-38C from various bases including Sheppard, Vance, Columbus, Lauglin and Randolph AFB. Here are all the talon actions.

Article and Photo by Dave Chng