Ft Worth Alliance Airport actions 2-2018

On this Spring day ( 2-17-2018)  Ft worth Alliance Airport ( KAFW ) typical weekend of military traffic coming through this airport. Our local units VMFA-112 ( Cowboys ) have 2x F/A-18A++ doing some training . We were lucky to have caught them launch in the afternoon, recover after about 1.5 hours and later did a 2nd launch for the evening sortie. The Hornets were arm with the single AIm-9x , 2 gas bags and Lightening pod

  • VMFA-112 Cowboys actions

Cowboys Aircraft caught:



  • Cowboys VMFA-112 afternoon Sortie

At about late afternoon we started to get trainer traffic in particular 3x T-38C from Randolph AFB . Here are the actions we caught with them tearing up runway 34L.

T-38C photographed




Vip and other trainer traffic

C-130J 229-9229

T-44 474-1074

G5 70400

Article by Dave Chng