Ft Worth Alliance Airshow 1993


This is my 1st attempt on Ft Worth Alliance Airshow back in my college days when myself and my good buddy C.B Lee visit Ft worth on Oct 9th. We made the 3 hr drive from Norman OK and was in Ft worth bright and early . That Sat morning have the most perfect Sun but it was cold and we have some of the coldest wind guest. Not expecting that kind of weather when this 2 okie came down in t-shirt and shorts.  In the end we were photographing while keeping our warmth inside the RAF  C-130.

This show was full of static display and 2 world class display team was present. The USAF Thunderbirds and the RAF Red Arrows. Static aircraft was in abundance. here are the list of aircraft that show

F-15A from Georgia ANG, F-16N NSAWC, 2x A-4 NSAWC, 2x F-18A VMFA-112, F-16C TF tail code, A-10A Barkesdale AFB, A-10A Indiana ANG, B-52H Barkesdale AFB, KC-135, C-130 RAF, AH-1W USMC, E-3A AWACS Tinker AFB, EA-6B VMAQ-2 , S-3B Viking , P3 Orion, CH-47 Chinook, TA-4J from Kingsville NAS.

All in all the show was a blast and since we were there so early, they let us into the static line and we were walking up close to the red Arrows Hawk Trainer. My 1st to be that close. Most notable on this show was the perfect sunlight with the blue back drop of the cold sky. The OV-10 Bronco was a new suprise since I have not seen this aircraft type ever and this one in the 3 tone camo color. The 2 tinker toys from NSAWC kind of make a difference in those desert camo and grey.  The NSAWC F-16N was a great boost also. Come down to honor our local boys which lies with TF tail code F-16C from Carsewell AFB andVMFA-112 Cowboys F-18A. Go Spads.. go Cowboys!

Savoring the aircraft types we were seeing now in 2014 kind make us treasure the great moment of time. I wish I can turn back the clock and be there to see these beautiful aircraft again. The image of these aircraft will always be vivid in my mind.



Articles and Pictures by Dave Chng

using 35mm film Canon EOS 650 , HP 1300 Scanner  and Photoshop CS6 for editing






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