Ft Worth Alliance Airshow 2017

Blue Angels 2017 Team

Blue Angels 2017 Team

Ft Worth Alliance have this Annual Airshow in the Fall…. 2017 is no exceptions and we finally have some time to work on the backlog of pictures we have for the Fall Airshow time frame.

This year Ft Worth Alliance’s flying schedule was kind of weak. We have the Blue Angels, USAF F-16 Demo on the military side. Civilian acts comes from Cavanaugh Flight Museum, Texas Trojans and T-38 demo from non other Ross Perot JR….

The Blue Angels did not have the Fat Albert Demo due to her Maintenance on the C130 aircraft. We did a morning shoot of the beautiful Blues

Due to the Sun condition of Ft Worth Alliance we had to photograph the Blue Angels from the west side of the Air field which is basically outside the show for good lighting. Here are some of the highlights from the outside.

2017 gets quite impressive static display …. notable mention come from the USAF F-22A from Langley AFB, F-35A from Eglin AFB, Canadian AF C-130J, 2x River Rattlers VFA-204 F-18A+, P3C Orion, C-17, L-39 from ATAC, S-211 trainer, T-38 from Langley, T-45C from the Navy…. the 2 jets we were hoping to see but did not show up was the ATAC KFir and a Superhornet.

Flying Display of the show was kind of weak this year for Military aircraft so will show some of the highlights which include the solo demo from a single T-38A ( own by Ross Perot JR) wearing the USAF Thunderbird markings, he did some really nice banana passes which gives us good top side shots. Viper demo from USAF was quite good but the lighting was getting bad by the time the F-16 flew. USAF Heritage flight was done with the single F-16C and a P51D.

Some notable mention come from the T-6II Texan II we caught before the airshow started, they gave us some great wing wave when they departed  the airfield in the morning.

Article by Dave Chng

Photograph from Dave chng