Ft Worth Alliance Airshow 2019

Ft Worth Alliance Show opening act.. USAF F-16 demo

2019 we have an excellent lineup for Ft Worth Alliance airshow. We have 3 tactical demostration team from the USAF Air Combat command F-16 and F-22 Tactical demostration. Also the United States Air Force Heritage Flight. This is followed by the US Army Golden Knights Parachute team. United States Navy gave quite a big contingent namely the world Famous Blue Angels and for the 1st time, F-35C tactical demostratioin. Besides the Military, Bell helicopter made their 1st debut on the Tilt Rotor V280.

Local Squadron 457th FS ” Spads” open the show with a 4 ship flyby

2019 marks a very different year for the Ft worth Alliance Airshow. From the past this airshow have been the top airshow in North America , but we always have the issue of bad lighting because of the direction of where the crowd line is at. We always get very bad light ( from Photography point of view) after 1pm when we are getting all the good flying performance in the airshow. This year for the 1st time and I hope this goes on from now on, All major military display started at 11am and finish by 2pm . Double “hurreh” for the organizer and now we actually can get very good pictures in good lighting of the flying display inside the airshow which in the past we have to leave the show to get good pictures to photograph outside the airfield.

F-22 Raptor Demostration

F-16 “Viper” Tactical Demostration

USAF Heritage Flight- for this show, 4 ship USAF Heritage flight was organized with the F-22, F-16C, A-1 and P-51

Bell Helicopter V280 maiden display

F-35C Demostration– VFA-125 Rough Riders base out of NAS Leemore,CA visited Ft worth Alliance Airshow and debut the very 1st US Navy F-35C demostration. This was an announced display which awe the crowd of Ft worth.

United States Navy Blue Angels

Civilian and Warbirds

Arrivals and hot Ramp shots

This is a very unique section of pictures showing the men and women that make this show happen. Shots of the aircraft coming in for static or flyoing display. Thank you for your service and hardwork.

Static Display

Article by Dave Chng

Photograph by Dave Chng and C.B Lee