Ft worth JRB F-35A and F16 Jan 30th


Jan 2017 and we are getting 77 degree F weather. It was beautiful afternoon with a slight 10 knots west wind. Ft worth JRB was using runway 36 for the entire afternoon which I was praying for when I was there.

Right on the dot of 1345hrs we started to see Lightning 5-1 and 5-2 ( F-35A and F16C) respectively coming out of Lockheed Martin hangers. They back taxi on Runway 36 for an unrestricted climb clearance. The F-35A spot with OT tail code for the 422nd TES base in Nellis AFB.

Strike 4-1 and 4-2 which is testing callsign for Department of Defense is next spotting the Hill AFB HL tail code. He too was accompanied by the twin seat F-16D Lockheed Martin chaser.

Typically we get actions from our local units and today is no exceptions. 301st FW Spads came out with 6 F-16C Blk 30 in full gasbags, , ECM pods and AAQ-28V Litening pods ,AIM-120 and AIM 9x configurations. I spot a few jets with TER racks.

Photographs and Article by Dave Chng