Gunships and Lightnings!

May 22, 2018

Another great day of spotting in NAS Ft worth , JRB  (KNFW) in Ft Worth TX.  This is a really hot day and we were presented with an AC-130 on the south ramp of the base. She did a few engine runs but did not make it to the runway . Aircraft was taking off from Runway 18 with a strong southerly winds on this hot and steamy summer day. Lockheed Martin had 3x ” Strike” call sign doing testing on an Israeli Air Force , Turkish Air Force and a USAF Hill AFB HL tail code F-35A. There is also 6x 457th FS F-16C from our local squadron flying training mission and doing quite some banking turns. All in all it is a really productive day catching all these wonderful air crafts

AC-130W Serial Number 87-9288 from 16th SOS

Turkish Air Force F-35A 18-0001


Hill AFB F-35A

Israel Air Force F-35i Serial Number 918

457th FS “Spads”

Article by Dave Chng