Hog Actions in Texas Summer

June 2023…. North Texas area is piping hot ….. many days hitting 100 degreeF. This very hot month we have some A-10C from WHiteman AFB 303rd FS .

4 ship flew in from Whiteman AFB toward NAS Ft worth JRB ( KNFW) and they stayed to fly some local actions.

One of the pilot was doing his final mission and he gave us a show before peeling for a perfect landing on RUnway 36.

On this day we have quite some actions from the US MArine command since they were having a Change of Command Parade! We did get quite some Marine traffic including AH-1Z and UH1Y, We also got somwe local KC130J and Marine transports.One single Lancers E/A-18G Growler came in for an emergency landing.