Hogs , Vipers, Herki Birds and Lightnings! 12-8-2015


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KNFW in Dec 8th 2015 was no exception. We got a visiting unit 357th FS flying the mighty A-10C based at Davis Monthan AFB. 4x A-10C came in on 12/4/2015 and stayed for a week for drill here in NAS Ft worth JRB. The A-10 were loaded up with standard A-10 weapon load-out of 2x AGM-65 Maverick and Lightening II pod. The following aircraft was spotted :4th aircraft I did not catch the numbers.




Lockheed Martin traffic was really good with VIper 1-1 as the Iraqi F-16IQ number 1616 . F-35B from VMFA-121 did a Vertical short take off from Runway 18 and did a few low level passes with Chase F-16D . She than did a hover test on the runway which gives us the perfect view of those “transformer” like panels.

Local traffic is always welcome here at NAS Ft worth and we have nothing other than our local 357thFS Spads, VMFA-112 Cowboys and 136th Airlift Wing Ropers. I salute to all our local men and women serving in these distinguish units that keep our country safe.

Article and Pictures from Dave Chng


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