Hornets in Ellington Field…. VX31.. VFA-151 …. 6-14-2014

Ellington Field 6-14-2014


Photos and text by Bill Havel


I received some intel from a friend and fellow spotter that there were two Hornets on the ramp.  One from VX-31 Dust Devils, a test and eval squadron based at NAS China Lake, and the other a strike / fighter unit (VFA-151 Vigilantes) based at NAS Lemoore.   I made my way over getting there just before noon.  Immediately, I noticed one was parked behind the other.  Thankfully there was enough fence line for me to work with so I could get the angles needed to get individual shots of each.  My only “problem” was shooting around small civil aircraft that were parked in the forefront that belong to a flight school.


As I was shooting I looked up and to the East and saw a C-130 who was making his way to land on 17R.  A couple of minutes later he came taxiing in.  It was an added bonus to catch this nicely weathered Dobbins AFB bird.



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  1. Bill! Envious of the catch! both sqdrn I have not been able to catch lately…. I did have a VFA151 when they were still flying the legacy hornets. good shots on the C-130! nice prop blur

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