Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort

Rescue boats fill a flooded street at flood victims are evacuated as floodwaters from Tropical Storm Harvey rise Monday, Aug. 28, 2017, in Houston. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)













Fall season also marks the height of Hurricane season for North America area. 2017 marks a year whereby Hurricane Harvey hits the Texas Gulf Coast. Harvey hits landfall right by Corpus Christie on  8-26-2017 as a category 4 Hurricane with winds up to 140 mph and bringing in tremendous amount of rain. What made this storm so destructive is that the hurricane stall when it hit land fall and brought in rainfall that stagger the numbers. At some part of Houston vicinity, area get dump with more than 20″ of rain in an hour. The amount of water brought flooding and destruction to the entire Texas Gulf coast to Louisiana , Mississippi area. This Article is dedicated to the men and women who serve and helping in the relief effort in this unfortunate event. Also to the victims of this destructive hurricane.

Over the past four days there was a lot of action going on in Houston and the surrounding areas.  And, there still is.  That is because these air frames were / are here to participate in the rescue, air-drop and recovery of those affected by hurricane Harvey.  Not just in the Houston area, but also in Beaumont, Texas as well as Port Arthur, Texas.  Units from the United States Coast Guard, United States Army, United States Navy, United States Marine Corps and United States Air Force all participated and some, if not all, still are.  Airwingspotter had the opportunity to speak with a UH-60L pilot from the Arkansas Army National Guard who told us they have been flying rescue and evacuation missions from Sugarland Airport (southwest of Houston) to Beaumont, Texas which is approximately 70 nautical miles away.  This particular unit will be here for about another week and a half before they either return or get new orders.

One of the highlights of this spotting adventure was seeing Air Force One come to Ellington Field on Saturday, September 2, 2017.  While we did not catch the arrival we did catch the departure.

Below, in no particular order is a list of the airframes and units who were photographed at Ellington Field, Sugar Land Regional Airport and Houston Executive Airport:

US Air Force VC-25 (Air Force One when the President is aboard)

US Navy MH-60S Knighthawk  HSC-7 Dusty Dogs  NAS Norfolk, VA

US Navy MH-60S Knighthawk  HSC-28 Dragon Whales  NAS Norfolk VA

USAF HC-130P Hercules Combat King (We believe New York Air National Guard)

USCG HC-130J Hercules from Elizabeth City, NC

USCG MH-60T Jayhawks from San Diego, CA, Cape Cod, MA, Clearwater, FL and Mobile, AL

US Army CH-47 Chinhook Nebraska National Guard

US Army UH-60L Blackhawk Arkansas National Guard and other units unknown

US Army UH-60M Blackhawk (unit unknown)

US Army UH-72A Lakota (units unknown)

USCG MH-65D Traverse City, MI

US Navy MH-53E Sea Dragon HM-14 Vanguard, NAS Norfolk, VA

US Navy MH-53E Sea Dragon HM-15 Blackhawks, NAS Norfolk, VA

USCG C-37A VIP transport

Pictures dedicated in the order of service

United States Coast Guard

United States Navy

United States Army / Air National Guards

Article and pictures by

Bill Havel