Istrana AFB , Italy


 amxIstrana airport is home of  the 51° WING from the Italian air force. The wing consists of three flight groups:

 logo1 132° Squadron hunting bombers who work on aircraft AMX;
 logo2 103° Squadron hunting bombers who work on aircraft AMX;
 logo3 101° Squadron O.C.U. training working on aircraft AMX-T.


These Units got very heavy activities in spring season when the training  of the groups intensifies.  Sorties goes up morning and sometimes until late in the evening .


There are 2 major spotting location for this base marked as A and B respectively. Location A mainly is good for photographing landings and point B is good for departure.

Location A

map pointa

Typical photograph of arriving aircraft in Spotting Location A

Spotting Location B

map b

Typical photograph of landing aircraft in Spotting Location B

Article and Pictures by Salvatore Roccella