Jesolo Air Show, Italy 2016

Summer in the province of Venice, Italy come with this Spectacular Airshow hosted by the Italian Air force. This year Solidarity has been an important mainstay due to the  recent events of the earthquake in central Italy, the air show was an opportunity to make a collection funds for earthquake victims. 2016 also marks the 20th edition of the Jesolo Airshow which presented this show with full Italian military hardware on Flying and static display and also civilian participants.

The show started with the entrance from Italian AF 15th Wing  based in Cervia with the Agusta HH139A and HH-101 Ceaser SAR helicopter bringing in the Italian tricolor-ed flag.  These helicopter  supported special operations and perform medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) for the Italian AF.

4th Wing of Grosseto consists of Eurofighter Typhoon EF-2000 . The airshow debut the interception training that shows a single P180 Avanti of the 14th Wing working in conjunction with the EF-2000 on interception role and how they could use this combination to defend the Italian airspace. The demonstration truly show the dedication of the crew and machines of these units that is ready 24 hours a day 365 days a year defending our freedom.

the 14th Wing also demonstrated the KC767, tanker derived from commercial airliner Boeing 767.  the KC767 t was accompanied by two pairs of aircraft; a Tornado from the 6th Wing “Red Devils” of Ghedi (BS), and the second AMX from 51 ° Stormo of Istrana (TV). Some of the Tornado and AMX who performed had mounted under the aircraft’s belly a POD detection pod which is a derivative of the Lightening recon pod. These recon pod was also use in the Earthquake for damage assessments during the Earthquake on August 24th.

Jesolo 2016 brought in the Italian AF ‘s Flight Testing Department of Pratica di Mare (RM), this year with M346, Tornado, Eurofighter and C27J Spartan.

The Grand finale of the show came from the formation of 9 MB339PAN  followed by the unmistakable tricolor fumes. The aerobatic team has a reduced formation” of one, because the Captain Luca Galli, Pony 7, decided to to give assistance in the relief effort following the earthquake that hit central Italy. Therefore they did not deploy the aircraft number 7 and leave the third empty slot wingman as a sign of closeness to earthquake victims.

Photograph from Salvatore Roccella

Article Co-author with Dave Chng