Jesolo Airshow, Italy

Jesolo Airshow is held once a year on the waterfront nearby Venice, Italy.  For 2017,  2 days of Spectacular Aviation display from many European countries was held on August 26th and 27th. Since this is an airshow on the waterfront, Aircraft participating in the show is being stage at Istrana Airbase nearby.  This year there were couple of Military tactical demonstrations from namely, Hungarian Air Force Grippen Tactical Fighter, F-16AM from Belgium Air Force and the Italian Air-force featuring Tornado Attack Aircraft, Eurofighter Typhoon, M-346 Jet trainer, C27 Light transport and HH139 . MD-500 SAR demo.

Highlights of the shows categorized by the units

HH 139 helicopter 15 ° Frost AM for SAR demonstration , Italian Air Force

TORNADO demonstration Italian Air Force

Italian Air Force Demonstration Team flying the MB-339 ( TriColor)

Patrouille de France – French acrobatics patrol (only Saturday 26 August) – 8 jet planes

GRIPEN tactical demostration Hungarian air force jet

F-16AM Tactical demostration Belgian air force

TEAM AGUILA – Spanish aerobatic Team – 8 jet planes

M346 Italian Air Force Demo

Typhoon Tactical Demonstration , Italian Air force

C27J Transport , Italian Air Force Demo

Photographs taken by Salvatore Roccella