JRB 11-13-2014

This is a typical NAS Ft worth traffic on a Thursday afternoon. Decided to head out in this beautiful day and reach the base by 1:30pm. Radio chatter was very busy with USMC C-130 Ranger 31 requesting for a local departure on 36 doing options and touch and goes.   Ranger 31 was tearing up the runway with multiple touch and goes while a Navy C40 737 decided to join the party. Got the “Little bird” telling me our local Spads will be flying today and they did right at 1430 hrs.  6 of the Spads showed up and play( some in AA configuration of 2 AIM9x and 2 AIM120. Others have ECM pods, gas bags and Lightening Pod). All of them using Mustang call sign. They came back about 1.5 hr later and did some low level approaches and landed right at 1615hrs. The gem came with Lockheed martin’s Strike 21 and 22 F-35C from VFA-101 and a Spotter F-16C. Followed by Strike 31 which was a solo F-35B from Warlords doing the SVTOL and hovering test. It was a constant airshow for the duration

Ranger 31  and C40 doing touch and goes

301st FW  F-16C doing maneuvers.

Strike 21 and 22 F-35C VFA-101 Grim Reapers

Strike 31 VMFAT-501 Warlords