JRB 7-1-2013

Spotting 7/1

Manage to head out to NAS Ft worth for an afternoon excursion. Met up with Caulin, Bryan and Ian in the West end of the runway.  We were greeted by T-38C from Vance AFB shooting approaches. she did like 3 approaches before heading back to Oklahoma.

We decided to head to the spot and was greeted by Spads 301st FW taking off.  Also we got some great tandem take off from the Spads. By 1430hrs we got LMT traffic with Rocket 1 taxi off to take off.

We catch lots of Spads returning and also Rocket doing High key options and landings.

The long wait followed till 1606hrs when LMT F-35B from VMFA-121 came out with F-16 Spotter.  Funny thing was that an  commercial jet break pass the runway with no communication and the tower had to delay the F-35 takeoff.  Manage to catch some more Spads landing with the F-35 waiting . Kind of some really neat shots was achieved.  Finally got the F-35B cleared and waited till 5pm for them to come back to land. A great day in JRB and spending great time with friends and aircraft.

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