JRB 7-10-2013

Jrb 7/10

It was a Hot and Humid and miserable day. I manage to be out there with Bryan’s Help on the afternoon tip…. Arriving JRB and was given info about LMT traffic have taken off. Hit the North end of the base and waited for the F35 to arrive. LMT CATB radio in for a straight approach for runway 17. VMFA-121 F-35B and Spotter came in next.  Spads took off at about 1:00pm with one jet getting a bird strike ! Thank god everyone is A-OK!. They came back 1 hr later and I get to catch some of my best banking shots on the Spads turning base to Final.  Also an unusual catch of Spads F-16D 513 doing final while 2 more Spads came in to do a low key tac maneuver.   Overall a great day !!!

jrb 7-10-2013