NAS Ft Worth JRB 7-12 Aircraft Spotting


was hoping for some action here in the hot afternoon.  Met up with Bryan at the loop and was waiting for Spads to do their afternoon sortie. All we got on this hot July Friday was Spads and C-130 actions.  F-35 did not come out to play.  Drive over to the north end and got the Spads landing and met Ztex. There was an opportunity for some transient traffic but I waited till 5:30pm with no good catch!  actually right at about 1645hrs 2 F-35 was pull out of the hanger… Both still in the primer paint, an F-35B with the vertical fan door open … happy to see that and a F-35A also was pull out….. crossing fingers and hoping for a flight that day was in vane when they dolley both babies back to Hanger at 17:15 hrs!  Thats the closest I saw on the F-35 on this Friday. Oh well! we got better days.

jrb 7-12-2013