July in Texas…

July usually calls for Fireworks, outdoors, hotdogs and fireworks… Well, in North Texas as we are in we getting hit with 105 degree F heat . Scorching heat calls for indoors and Air conditioning.

Despite the Texas Heat we manage to fight that and get you some actions here in NAS Ft worth JRB ( KNFW ) . Typical of this time of the year we get the heat waves but this Friday, we were greeted with a nice North Wind and KNFW using Runway 36.


We were greeted with 2x F-16C from Makos 93rd Fighter Squadron ( FS) from Florida callsign Reef 1-1 and Reed 1-2. This is followed by a single F-22A Raptor flying in from Tyndall AFB from the 95th FS “Mr Bone”. He was en route to the west and did a gas and go in the base. We also got 2x F-35C from VFA-101 ” Grim Reapers ” but they were in base and did not fly this Friday.


The Locals was out in full force starting with the Roper C-130H out doing touch and go. he specifically requested for a Runway 18 take off and followed by touch and goes on runway 36. Our local Marine Ranger C-130W also went up from midfield for runway 36.

VMFA-112 Cowboys

VMFA-112 showed up with 2 F/A-18A and F/A-18B one being the CAG bird showing off the Wolf tail. The B model was what I was aiming for since I have not shot them doing take off on Runway 36. This was a good day for me catching the colorbird and B model taking off and recovery on 36.

Lightnings F-35A

Lightning 2-1 from Lockheed Martin came out on a maiden flight , came back and did a few touch and goes.

Overall, a great day to hang out even though the weather was brutal.

Article by Dave Chng