KAFW 4-27-2014

I was showing around my good friend Marc Brennan KAFW and with his beginner’s luck we were in tarmac full of military aircraft . A lot of trainers from Vance AFB  Namely T38C and T6. Also T38C from Sheppard and Lauglin AFB was present. I spotted a T45C with a A tailcode in the back end. What was notable was a KC135 engine up and preparing to leave. We also got 2 F-18F super hornet. One of them VFA-41 Black Aces and VFA-22 Fighting redcocks. both Canopy open and ready to leave. After a a few T-38C and KC135 left, we caught both Hornet taking off. This was followed by a C-130H coming in to land from Missouri National Guard. All in all we had a great 2 to 3 hrs in KAFW and this airshow quality spotting is second to none.

kafw 2014-4-27

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