KAFW Alliance Aircraft Spotting 8-17-2013

Had a great time spotting in KAFW Alliance this Sat Afternoon . Metup with Steve Gurley right by the Alliance tower area and was presented with the 3 Harrier Steve caught yesterday. Phill showed up later and and his 6 ft ladder  was a godsend. We take turns using the ladder to clear the fence for those Harrier Shots. Spads did not fly this Sat… oh well… is that my luck or what?? 2 weekend in a row.

We got some 2 t6 from Lauglin AFB flying … one of them came back and did a few touch and go options.

As it gets hotter, a KC135 from March AFB came in to land and followed by a DC9…… DC9 ??? do they even fly??? Accordingly its a a transport use by the Navy.

Caught a C130 from the Ropers came in to land on 35.

At about 3pm the Harrier Pilot finally came out, we caught all the great action of this 3 Marine pilot suiting up for the flight out. They taxi by taxi way A,B and C and take off simultaneously on a short take off  on 35…. amazing show of force and spectacular way to take off….. myself and Steve was still shell shocked by that stunning performance.  Go MArines!!

kafw 2013-8-17

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