KAFW Alliance Spotting Locations

Ft Worth Alliance , Ft worth


Spot A

Warehouse on the West side. you will need a step ladder to clear the fence . Afternoon shots. Great for landing on 34L and 34R . Good shots for 16 take off but a bit far.

Pic from Spot A

IMG_1088 IMG_1009 _MG_5216-1

Spot B

By this road you will see some rail cars along the road , get to a spot where you can see almost midfield of runway.  Great afternoon shots for landing on 16. Sometimes take off is ok on 34 on this spot in the afternoon.

Spot C

Great landing shots in afternoon for 16 L and 16R .


Spot D

when runway 34 is use.. perfect for morning and afternoon landing shots.

Pic from Spot D

IMG_1581 IMG_1510 IMG_1623

Spot E

Great place for taxi shots for runway 34 and take off shots in the morning.

Pic from Spot E

_MG_1702 IMG_2595 IMG_9435

Spot F

Great in the morning for aircraft on the tarmac, including all engine up shots and aircrews. Very close to the tarmac and better if you have a ladder. great midfield shot for taking off when using 16 or 34.

Pic from Spot F

IMG_0076 IMG_2709 IMG_0003 _MG_0942 IMG_2013 _MG_2179 _MG_0752