KAFW Spotting 2-8-14 Marines VMFT-401 F5n

2-8-14 was a great Sat. It started with a foggy, cold, visibility of 2 miles type Sat. But one of those days where I can put it in my history books of Aviation Spotting.  2 of my 1st catches in a day. What more can a man ask for.

Part 1 of my encounter is VMFT-401 Snipers. I have always miss photographing this Squadron. Either miss them by chance or opportunity.

I caught 4 VMFT-401 Snipers on the tarmac of KAFW Alliance Airport. 4 of the F5n was starting up and taking the taxi way for runway 17L.  4 different color camo of each F5 was there and I can’t thank the Marines for sending these beautiful jet to Ft worth. 2 of the Blue,grey and Brown Green did a tandem take off follow by the white grey and Brown tan jets.  Sun condition was not perfect but 1st encounter with the Snipers is more than overwhelming.

These jets stayed the night here in Ft worth and headed to Abilene according to the tower and also 5 more Snipers was in NAS Ft worth ( JRB) . Makes me wonder if the CAG F-5F is in JRB.

Here are the great shots I caught on those Snipers


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3 thoughts on “KAFW Spotting 2-8-14 Marines VMFT-401 F5n”

  1. Awesome shots, Dave. I’ve always thought that kind of funny the way the F-5s gear retraction cycle works in that the main gear goes up first followed by the nose gear. You captured that well.

  2. U got that right Bill…. the main gear goes up quick but the main gear door did not close until the front is up and close !kind of a weired but its a trip shooting these F5.. espeically on the take off runs!


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