KEFD Ellington Field 2-20-2016


As I was beginning my walk this morning I received some “intel” that a Hawker Hunter from ATAC (Airborne Tactical Advantage Company) was stopping by KEFD for a gas-n-go.  Boy was I stoked as I’d never seen one before and theirs had been on my radar for quite some time.  Upon my arrival I looked in the usual places along the fence line to see where she was parked.  Ah, there she was right over by Landmark Aviation taking on fuel.  So, I drove around to get the best angle I could.  Although the sun was out there were quite a few clouds (some gray) as well.  What that equated to was trying to time the photos when the sun peeked through as I wanted to capture that beautiful two tone gray camo scheme under the gloss coat finish.  After about 45 minutes or so I saw the pilot walk out so I knew he was getting ready to depart.  I drove around to the east side of the perimeter fence along a service road waiting on him to use RWY 17R.  A few minutes later here he came.  He kept it pretty low before he started his turn and climb to the south east as he approached my position.  WOW!  what a sight and sound she was.

ATAC is company that provides contract air services to the US military (primarily US Navy) in a host of ways at costs per hour that are less then the theirs.  More info about ATAC can be found at their website:

Article and Pictures by:

Bill Havel