Kfirs visiting Red Flag 18-3









Colombian Air Force participating in Red Flag 18-3 held July 23 to Aug 3, 2018 in Nellis AFB. For this Exercise, 6x IAI Kfir C7 and 1×767 multi mission tanker flew into Ellington Field ( KEFD) and than via Davis Monthan AFB to Nellis .  1989 marked the first purchase of 12 Kfirs C2 from Israel. These jets were later updated to the C7 standards armed with Python 3 AAM.  In 2008, Columbia bought another 24 C7 Kfirs from Israel and they were later upgraded to the latest C10 and C12 standards.

We were fortunate to be in their flight path during this 4th of July holiday 2018. The 767 and 3x Kfirs flew in on the 7/3/2018 and further 3x Kfirs flew in on the subsequent day into KEFD. all jets left after the 4th July holidays.

Air actions

Ground Actions

Thanks to Bill Havel for covering this event.

Photos by Bill Havel