KNFW 11-25-2015

Thanksgiving is the time usually means cold weather here in Dallas Ft worth Area! This year was exception with rain for the most part of the “Turkey” feasting holiday.  I decided to make the drive even having a foggy and raining morning and the strange thing is also the South winds of 12 knots and KNFW using 18 runway active.

1st came radio chatter when I was on the North side of the base and caught 6 F-16C from 457th FS coming in to land. They all came straight in with no Tac initial or maneuvers. Weather was just too gloomy for any nice photo ops…. the Grey fighter jets on the grey sky really tested my new Canon 7d Mark 2 sensor! most shot in ISO 100-200 and they came out acceptable ! the only notable shot is the tail flasher on one of the Spads!

We got some T38C from Sheppard shooting approaches in KNFW that day and most came straight in and all I got like the rest of them….. Belly shots until I drove to the loop.

The Rain actually is the best time for Prop vapors and nothing better than our local Ropers and Rangers C-130 Hercules. I caught my 1st vaporware on those C130 ! going slow and steady …… Overall not the best day to shoot and also Lockheed Martin cancel all their F-35 and F-16V flight. Better luck next time I guess..

VAPORWARE on C-130.. those prop vapors just makes this spotting trip worthwhile