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This Faithful day before Christmas of 2015, we got some great actions right at NAs Ft worth JRB.  Lockheed Martin have 2 flights of F-35 including a delivery flight for the 61st FS in Luke AFB. Winds was a breeze from the South which makes for active on runway 18. I miss the morning sortie of the F35B and only caught the delivery flight launching right after 1400hrs. Taking off on 18 gives us that dramatic frontal view…… best thing for this launch is the pilot made a wing wave as seen on the 4th picture

We got a visitor from Nellis AFB from The 422d Test and Evaluation Squadron (422 TES) an OT tail code F-15C is always a welcoming sight here in Ft worth.  The bonus comes from the IRS-T pod being on the center line of this F-15C. This is an unsual pod that I have not seen so far and doing more research gives the description of IRST-21 pod.

We can never have enough of our local units namely VMFA-112 Cowboys……and US Army 339th MI Co/USARC  C-12R+ C-12V

We would like to end this Article with our favourite local squadron 301st FW , 457th FS ” Spads” something very different this trip since 2 of the taxiway was close and the spads did the tac initial and landed on 18 runway! but they stop and back taxi on the active runway.

Article and Pictures by Dave Chng

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