KNFW 4-10-2015 Part 1 ( Harrier Attack)

Drill weekend for KNFW for our local 301st FW Spads. This weekend was like any Spring time traffic in NAS Ft worth. We got Spads 301st FW F-16 flying, Cowboys VMFA-112 F-18A++ , Lockheed Martin spot traffic of 2x F-35A from Luke AFB, F-35C from VFA-101, Iraqi F-16C Blk 52. We got some slow and steady Roper and Ranger C-130H and C-130J respectively. Best of all we got 4x TAV-8B from Marine Attack Training Squadron 203 (VMAT-203)  Hawks visiting. They came in for gas and go . This article will detail on these unusual 2 seater Harrier jump jets. Manage to catch a Viper taking off while the Harrier was rolling on the taxiway.


vmat203 hawks







Marine Attack Training Squadron 203 (VMAT-203)Hawks, base in Cherry Point, NC is one of the Marine Training Squadron belonging to Marine Aircraft Group 14 and the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing. Their radio callsign is “Mars”

4 of these beautiful 2 seater Harriers came in at about noon . 2 of them form up on taxiway C and D and took off at about 2pm This is followed by 2 more on Taxiway C. They all did a SVTOL take off on runway 36. Always great to have visitors and this day we have nothing but a great big smile as we see them jump off those runways.

Pictures from Dave Chng


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