KNFW April and May 2020 Spotting

Time sure passes quick for 2020 with all these Covid 19 and riots going around. We would like to touch base on the lighter side of life which is Military aviation spotting here in Ft worth TX area namely KNFW ( NAs Ft worth) and KAFW ( Ft Worth Alliance Airport.) Due to the Covid 19, KAFW use to have lots of Military transient like those trainers is missing nowadays . US Military is limiting their TDY in non military bases to a minimal and thus the lack of trainers that comes through KAFW.

We got quite some visitors to KNFW in April and May. 157th FS of the South Carolina ANG that flew the Blk 52 F-16C/D been coming through the base for gas and go. These F-16C/D spots the newer Havglas 2 camo scheme on the F-16 and is quite unique in the US Aresenal being a Blk 52 which uses the P&W engine and having a small intake. The HTS pods carried on the port side of the jet shows the Wild Weasel leanage of these squadrons.

Republic of Singapore Air Force F-16C was also caught in Lockheed Martin Plant in Ft worth, The unique part of this jet is that the squadron is base out of Tengah Airbase in Singapore and getting to photograph this unique jet is always welcome here in Texas.

Other notable transients:

Lockheed Martin have been flying alot testing those new F-35 and here are some of the Lightning II actions showcasing NOrwegian, Isreali, Koreans, Australians, USAF, US Navy and US Marines assets. Also callsign Rocket which Lockheed use on some of her F-16 here and one notable one is the UAE test jet F-16F Blk 60.

ATAC have been supporting Lockheed Martin in the F35 testing program and been using 3x of their Dassualt Mirage F-1 CT and F-1B doing chase plane for the new F35.

We always like to show off our local squadrons in KNFW.. Namley VMFA-112 ” Cowboys”, 301st FW “Spads”, VMGR-234 “Rangers and 136th Airlift Wing ” Ropers” here are the actions and thank you for your service.

overall a great 2 months of Military Aviation here in North Texas. Be safe people …. See Ya’ll in June!

Article by Dave Chng