KNFW-KAFW Spotting Feb 2020

Spring time in DFW area comes quick for 2020 and here we have some great spotting in NAS Ft worth Joint reserve Base ( KNFW) and Ft Worth Alliance Airport. This report highlight the Aircraft spotting for Jan and Feb.

KNFW Activities

Lockheed Martin have been very busy pumping out those F-35 Lightning II and the 1st 2 months of 2020 we have seen some great activities with Isreali, USMC, US Navy, Korean ,Australian, USAF and Turkish ( do not know who will take over these jets) For 2020, we also have some unique changes on the F35 whereby the chase plane is contracted to ATAC which they are using their Mirage F-1 fighter to do the chase role. We also catch occasional glimpse of F-16 testing by Lockheed usually using the “Rocket” callsign. Here are some of the F-35 and F-16 Activities.

Our local units namely 301st FW “Spads” , VMFA-112 “COwboys” , 136th Airlift Wing of the Texas ANG “Ropers” and VMGR-234 ” Rangers” are very active training. Here are some of the local actions.

We got some visitors or transient traffic and in this case some T-38C from Sheppard AFB and Arizona ANG test unit F-16.

KAFW Activities

We lucked out with Ft Worth Alliance airport on one of the SAt morning with Adversary F-5N from Marines Adversary Squadron VMFT-401 ” Snipers” . These beautifully painted F-5N were to simulate or enemy for use to train our front light units in simulated air excercises. On that morning we also caught some ATAC Mirage F1, VMFA-112 Cowboy F/A-18 and a VFA-204 F-18C on the hot ramp.

Article by Dave Chng