KNFW Spotting 2-8-2016

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We all know this base by JRB or Joint Reserve Base Ft worth and use to be Careswell AFB for the strategic Air Command flying the B36 and B52. I was out spotting with Andy and Lee on this faithful Tue afternoon.


Viper’s Nest …. Spads in action

At about 1:30pm we were greeted by a returning VMFA-112 F-18A++ doing a carrier break and landed. This was followed by 9 301st FW F-16C taking off on their routine training. we spot 5 in Air to air configuration while 4 of them were armed with 2x 1000lb bomb.  We caught very spectacular Afterburner take off and waited eagerly for their return in about an hour. Some T38C from Sheppard AFB was also shooting approaches for runway 36.


The excitement came as rocket 2-1 and 2-2 call in for landing on 36. The Taiwan F-16A blk 20 that is converted to the F-16V was back from Houston. They did a break but due to the winds they broke a little early for us to get a good shot of the jet. Spads F-16 came back and did tac initial and some low key maneuver. All in all I would say is a pretty good day since we catch quite a bit  of F-16 actions! Unfortunately, the F35A flight was cancel and my good friend Lee did not get a chance to photograph his 1st F-35.

Photograph from Dave Chng and Chin Beng Lee

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