Komatsu Airbase Spotting Guide

F-15DJ Aggressors

Komatsu Airport 小松飛行場 (RJNK) located in the city of Komatsu, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. This airport shares between the Civilian airport for the city of Komatsu and the Japanese Self Defence Air Force. This airport spot a single 8860 ft runway of designation 06-24.

Komatsu RJNK
Komatsu Airport Observation deck

Komatsu airbase houses the following units :

6th Air Wing (第6航空団)

  • 303rd Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS) (F-15J/DJ)(T-4)
  • 306th Tactical Fighter Squadron ( TFS) ( F-15J/DJ)(T-4)
  • Tactical Fighter Training Group ( Aggressor Squadron) (F-15J/DJ) (T4)
  • 2nd Squadron (中部航空施設隊第2作業隊) Komatsu Air Rescue Squadron (小松救難隊) (UH-60J and U125A)

We mainly spot in the civilian airport’s observation deck on out 1st day and was given quite a bit of F15 actions. 3 sorties was made on the 1st day with at least 12x F-15J/DJ took to the skies of different squadrons. The Air Rescue Squadron also took to the air with the units using mainly Runway 24 for take off and landing.

On our 2nd day, the Aggressor unit did come out to play and we get to shoot them when they were launching and recovering from runway 06. Sure have a very different perspective but us being in the observation deck, on launching the planes are way too high when they get to us and same thing for landing.

Spotting outside the fence when the F15 was using Runway 24

Article by Dave Chng

Pictures by Dave Chng and C.B Lee