Lancaster TX Warbird Flyin 2013

Annual Lancaster TX Airport Warbird flyin organized by CAF ( Commemorative Air Museum ) and CWAM ( Cold war Air Museum). Myself, Sung and Bryan was there bright and early at 1000hrs. It was hot hot hot…. and nothing but hot Texas weather. There was a good assortment of warbirds. I could see a P40 warhawk, B24 from Alliance, Bell 43 helicopter , O2 ( black Vietnam era), a few T6 Texan, British marked Beechcraft C45 Expeditor, MIG23UM , MI24D Hind, C47, T28 Trojan and UH-1H . I did not see any active military participation .. oh well … not as good as 2012.  Top of my list again is the see the Mi24D and engine startup of the MIG23.  We did visit the CWAM hangers and was suprise to see so many L29 parts and in the 1st hanger we see 3 completed L29 , 2 in Russian markings and in Hanger 2, there is another one. And we also see all the spare parts, spare engines of Czech origin on the L29. The 2nd Mi24D was in the hanger . 3 MI2 Hoplite was under restoration and a Nanchang trainer.

The show started with the C47 dropping paratroopers and the C45 going up occasionally. Past noon the MIG23UM started up the engine and taxi by , swing wing and hit the runway. Unfortunately the MIG is not certified by FAA to fly YET…. This was followed by more warbirds like the T28 taking off, dashing the runway. Bryan had to leave by 3:45 after the B24 took off. He did come back after 30 minutes, landed. by 4:15 all the warbirds lineup and took off… O2, T28, B24, C45 ….. including our long awaited MI35D did taxi off and took off to the South. did 2 highspeed dash and hover in and landed. Caught the Hoghunter’s MD-500 chopper took off and did a runway dash…..

All in all another great year for Lancaster TX…… Texas little Secret of an airshow that you can be right on the nose of the aircraft since you are shooting all these great aircraft on the taxiway … nowhere have I EVER had that kind of experience.

lancaster 2013

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  1. Great stuff, Dave. Wish I could have joined you. And man, that Mig23 looks quite weathered, doesn’t she. If you ever build a kit you should have great reference material.