Luke AFB – 11-25-2013

Luke AFB – 11-25-2013

Story and Photos by Steven Valinski

After a long weekend of rain, the weather in the Valley of the Sun improved substantially today. This prompted me to take another trip to Luke AFB in an attempt to catch some more shots of the visiting F-15’s from the 428th out of Mountain Home AFB along with the local F-16’s.

While I only spent a few hours there in the afternoon, the volume of activity was plentiful. Runway 03 was in use so I was able to get a few different “looks” that I didn’t get my last few times out at Luke. I also went to a few locations that are not “mainstream” shooting locations. This helped me get shots at some angles I normally would not get.

This time, I got plenty of shots of the 428th’s F-15SG’s in much better light than last time. I plan on at least one more trip out to Luke over the next few weeks in an effort to shoot the 425th’s newly painted “Peace Carvin” tribute bird (another one is presently being painted and should be ready in a week or so) and the F-16 A/B models from the Taiwan 21st FS. We do not see many aircraft is the Air Force with added color, so these birds are a treat. For today, one could say: “mission accomplished”.

Luke 11-25-2013

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  1. Bill,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    All the locations where I took these photos are off-base. There are some really nice locations to shoot at Luke AFB but most require the afternoon sun and are bad spots in the AM (there are some AM spots). I knew the schedule was going to be busy in the afternoon so I took advantage of the opportunity.