Mar 2020 Mil Aircraft Actions KNFW and KAFW

This Spring of 2020 have been a challenging few months for everyone in the world. Non other on the pandemic COVID 19 which changes our life forever. Texas came to a standstill just like everywhere else with “Stay at home” orders by the governor. Fortunately, our Military and Lockheed Martin still flies and hold and behold we have the oppurtunity to photograph our brave men and women serving and also the sacrifice to keep the defence industry moving.

Ft worth Alliance ( KAFW ) one of the civilian airport that now base the famous ATAC that flies Adversary for the Air force and Navy with their unique Dassualt Mirage F-1 that is being refurbished to flying conditon here at KAFW. Here are some of the actioins for Mar 2020

NAS Ft worth ( KNFW ) or for us local known as JRB ( Joint Reserve Base) we have quite a bit of actions from the local units and also Lockheed Martin plant. ATAC have been contracted by Lockheed Martin to fly Chase plane for the F-35 program.

Article by Dave Chng