Marine Adversary…VMFT-401

We are blessed here in Dallas Ft Worth area with NAS Ft Worth ( KNFW) and Ft Worth Alliance Airport ( KAFW) …. We get lots of Lockheed Martin , local and transient Military Aircraft traffic and on 2-15-2020 this great Saturday was no exception. 4x VMFT-401 “Snipers” flying the Northrop F-5n base out of MCAS Yuma came in on the Friday and stay the night. I was in KAFW a little later than what I wanted to be. At 10:45 am these 4x F-5 was already engine up and ready for the morning departure.

F-5n from VMFT-401 Snipers

The 4x F-5n have the following Bord and BuNo with each number corresponding to the pictures.

VMFT-401 03-761541
VMFT-401 04-761546
VMFT-401 05-761556
VMFT-401 06-761559

After the F-5 launch , 2x F/A-18A+ from VMFA-112 “Cowboys” came in and do a carrier break and landed on runway 16L. One of them is 00 bird carrying a AIM-9M and AGM-65 Maverick Missile.

ATAC’s Mirage F1 also fired up and came out as Strike 1-2 callsign ( which is the callsign use by Lockheed Martin, these Mirage F1 is flying chase for the F-35 program ) . He taxi by the hotramp and did a straight out take off on runway 16L.

On the hotramp there was also some other trainers namely T-38C, T6 and Navy T44. We also spot a VFA-204 River Rattlers F/A-18C and an Ex-Swiss F-5E on the hotramp doing engine test.

Hotramp shots

Article and Photograph by Dave Chng