Meachem Field , Ft Worth TX 2010 Cowtown Warbird Flyin

Linda and myself made it to this fantastic air event call the Cowtown Flyin organized by the Bronco Association ….. this show was kind of unorthodox whereby the static display was very good.  I counted 7 A-10C showed up from Barkesdale and Davis-Monthan 355th FW came in. Besides that we got 4 Marines Vikings FA-18D and FA-18C one being an ATARS jet. 2 unpainted Superhornet , 2 Marine EA-6B , Marine CH46, CH53 came in also…… on the Heavies Side we got C17 , C130 from TX ANG, P3, E-2C from NAS New Orleans, 2x F-18A+ from VMFA-112 2x T1 trainer, 2x BlackSheep Sqdrn AV-8B+ …… We suppose to get some Marine Snipers F-5n but they did not show….. oh drat.

Its strictly a static display show since talking to the pilots they indicate the FAA did not clear the airport for airshow.  But being able to chat with the Flyers in the personnel manner was priceless.

I would do this again in a heartbeat if they ever do this again.

meachem 2010