Meiringen Airbase , Switzerland

meiringin spotting

Meiringen Airbase Information

ICAO Code LSMM                Runway : 10/28      Position : 46°44’36″N 008°06’36″E


  • 360.875 / 130.150
  • 268.625 / 138.050
  • 138.275 / 142.325
    Arrival / Departure
  • 143.775 / 249.800
    Arrival / Departure
  • 368.450
    Arrival / Departure
  • 143.200
    Axalp Shooting Range
  • 138.600
    Ground Crew-Pilots

Local Squadrons

( I have enclose location Photos and also pictures that was captured in that location)

P – This is the public access parking lot that you can park your car and walk towards the Flight Cafeteria and public viewing area.

1 – This location you are by the south side of runway ( good lighting) right by the Barrier . you get good take off on 10. Probably good for 28 Landing shots. You can chat with the guards by the barrier to get info of flight schedule. Almost at the taxiway so for aircraft on taxiway anything from wide angle to less than 200mm should be suffice for taxi shots while on runway you need 300mm or more.

2 – Public viewing deck. Access through the Cafeteria, take the elevator up to 2nd floor and you get an overview of the entire base facing north. U can also catch some of the taxi aircraft from the tunnel and on the tarmac. Great angle to catch take off shots from either side . a 400mm would be highly recommended although 300 would be suffice.

3 – Bunker on midfield. I found this spot by walking towards it, more like a small path and you get great midfield, taxi shots, take off and landing shots.

4 – great End of runway shots but from the Dark side. You will be shooting against the sun! but quite near to the runway


5 – This is an excellent spot but I did not find a good place to park the car. ( Needed more time to scout out this area ) Pictures of the planes taking off or on the taxi track can be made from here.

8 – What happen to 7??? Just like 8 better, Anyway! Great spot to get taxi aircraft from the barrier to Tarmac. A very Unique experience seeing aircraft especially F-18 or F5 passing U by. Needed wide angle for that close a shot.

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